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Weekly Focus: Belt Testing

Next Belt Testing: November 10th and 11th

Happy Sunday Parents! We hope everyone had a great shorter week, and we just want to say a HUGE congratulations to all our students who belt tested! So much hard work, perseverance, and character were displayed on the mats and we loved it!

Keep and eye out for your rank exam results by email!

You can also look in your P3 App for the results 🙂

Class Focuses This Upcoming Week:

Monday – No Classes

Tuesday – Knowledge Form

Wednesday – Self Defense

Thursday – Pro-X

Friday – No Classes/Belt Ceremony

Saturday – Sparring Orientation Day (for new orange belts and all belts Orange Belt or Higher).

Fall Break Camp!

It seems like schools just started! However, we are coming up on Fall Break already in just a few short weeks from October 9th – 13th. As you all know we almost always host camps when school is out. These camps are always a blast, and a great way to keep the kiddos having fun, and around other kids their age 🙂

Spots are running low so be sure to grab your spot!

Fall Break Camp Link:

Instructor Invites and Training

Twice a year our Martial Arts program invites students to be on our Instructor Team. This is a huge accomplishment as we hold our instructors to extremely high standards. This cycle we will be conducting our second and final round of invites for the year. Below I will explain a few of the requirements to become eligible to be invited:

  • Be a green belt or higher
  • Always aim to show up in the right uniform
  • Always aim to be on time
  • Works extremely hard in class
  • Performs well in school
  • Introduces themself to new students
  • Great Training Partner in Class
  • Shows great Leadership in classes

We will be presenting invites at Belt ceremony on Friday, September 15th

Mark your calendars for current instructors and newly invited instructor candidates (if you are invited at ceremony)

October 20th, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Instructor Training

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After School and Summer Camp:


Cheer and Tumbling:


Martial Arts:


P3 Sportsplex:


Friends and Family Group (Stay connected with us!):

Scheduling Private Lessons


Private 1-on-1 Lessons can be booked in your P3 Sportsplex App. Lead Instructors can be booked 30 days in advance ($30) on Wednesday, Friday, & Saturdays.


Assistant Instructors can be booked 14 days in advance ($20) during an available time slot.


ALL Private Lessons must be booked through the P3 Sportsplex app! .

Mark Your Calendars


  • October 6-7th: Martial Arts Tournament in Ohio
  • October 9th – 13th Fall Break Camp
  • October 20th Instructor Training

Please reach out if you have any questions! Please note that the busiest time for our program is between 2pm and 6pm daily. If you call during those hours, the team may not be available to answer immediately. However, we will return your call as soon as we can!

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